1. Welcome to 100 Companies.

This infographic has two main goals. The first is to help dispel some myths surrounding the ways in which New Zealand can become prosperous, and the second is to help us ask the question "What should we invest our future in?"

100 Companies based on Sir Paul Callaghan's StrategyNZ keynote and the visualisation is highly interactive, so please play around with New Zealand's Virtual Economy and enjoy.

We measure the prosperity of New Zealand through our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, average hours of work per week and average annual wage.

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Some interesting points to note:
#1 Largest industry by GDP:
Financial and Insurance Services

#1 Largest industry by workers:

Australia is better by all three prosperity metrics!

3. New Zealand Prosperity

Prosperity: GDP Per Capita (Circle Area)
Avg. Working Week (Hours) vs. Avg. Annual Wage ($NZD)


2. Current Situation

Current NZ GDP Per Capita ($NZD)

4. GDP per Industry

Total New Zealand GDP/Per Industry
GDP Per Industry ($NZD) / Total NZ GDP ($NZD)


5. New Zealand Industries

Workers per Industry