1. The Proposition

What would happen if we increased manufacturing?
Will it increase or decrease our prosperity?

3. The Problem

So why do we not have such businesses? They generate no greenhouse gases, do not require land or energy, and do not dump nitrates in our streams.

Innovation is based on research and development and we are far behind our competitors by only committing 0.5% of GDP to R&D; United States invests 2.62% of GDP 5 times more.

We assume that we are small and need to specialise. In the 90's this lead us to invest heavily in biotechnology, and out of our top 100 companies only two are biotech. related. "We will be good at what we are good at", not what we think we should be good at.

We are and will be successful is in the technology niches. Fisher and Paykel Healthcare dominate the world market for respiratory humidifiers. Rakon are world-class players in crystal-controlled oscillators. We have 10 such companies, why not 100?

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Some interesting points to note:
With 100 top companies our GDP per capita and average hours worked is comparable to Australia's, though we will still lack behind in average wage.

This model randomly generates our fake companies, this may effect some of the results.

Given a power law distribution of the size of companies, the fake companies are generated with between 1,500 and 20,000 employees and with a similar revenue per employee as our top technology companies.

10% of the companies generated are Information and Communication related, and 90% are manufacturing. This is the about the same difference as our top technology companies.

We also alter the GDP per capita, as the revenue of these companies increase, and the average wage, given what top companies pay their employees. This wage is increased by the growth rate of these industries by 10 years.

So what you are seeing is what happens to New Zealand's economy if, over 10 years, we create 100 more successful technology companies.

4. The Impact

Prosperity: GDP Per Capita (Circle Area)
Avg. Working Week (Hours) vs. Avg. Annual Wage ($NZD)


2. How it Works

We have created 100 fake companies from the template of our current best manufacturing and information technology companies. By moving the slider you can add these companies to New Zealand and see the effect that 100 companies can have on New Zealand's economy.

Additional Companies:

5. Company Performance

New Zealand Companies
Number of Employees vs. Annual Revenue ($NZD)

6. New Zealand Industries

Workers per Industry