1. The Suggestion

We are good at Dairy, we should invest in that!
That sounds like a good idea.

3. The Problem

Agricultural work is hard, for mostly lower-than-average pay and low GDP per capita. Increasing dairy cattle in New Zealand requires not just farmers, but also sigificant amount of support workers and land for cows.

Through calculating the current land per cow required, and the amount of potential farm land in New Zealand, we can estimate the capacity New Zealand has to expand dairy production.

As we increase dairy cattle, we also destroys our clean green image by removing forest for farms, polluting the atomsphere with greenhouse gases, and increasing waste.

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Some interesting points to note:
When a region turns black, that is all possible land is now a farm. This includes, cities and national parks.

Taranaki would become the first to be full of cows. This will mean that all possible farmland from Taranaki National park will be used and New Plymouth will have cows everywhere.

4. The Impact

Prosperity: GDP Per Capita (Circle Area)
Avg. Working Week (Hours) vs. Avg. Annual Wage ($NZD)


2. How it Works

Use the slider below to increase the amount of cows in New Zealand to see the effect is has.

No. of Cows:

5. Regional Cow Density

Regional Cows/Land2