General Information

Inspired by: StrategyNZ: Mapping our Future 2011
by Sir Paul Callaghan
licence: Standard YouTube License
NZSIC06, source: Industrial classification
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
NZHSC, source: New Zealand Trade
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
GDP Per Industry, source: GDP Quartley Report 2009
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
Work hours per Industry per capita, source: QES Quartley Report 2009
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
GDP Per Capita, source: OECD Stats Report 2009
licence: OECD
Additional Values, source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
licence: Creative Commons 2.5 Australia

Tourism Page

Tourism Satellite, source: Tourism Satellite 2010
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
Accommodation Percentages, source: Accommodation Survey 2011
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
Average Length of Stay, source: International Visitor Survey

Dairy Page

Land use, source: Agricultural-census
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
Dairy Cattle by region, source: Agricultural Production Statistics
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand
Potential Dairy Land use, source : How does Changing Land Cover and Land Use in New Zealand relate to Land Use Capability and Slope? by Maribeth Todd and Suzi Kerr
licence: Not Stated

Mining Page

Estimates of Mineral Wealth, source: The Natural Resource Potential of New Zealandby Richard Barker
licence: Not Stated
Production Values, source: New Zealand Coal, Industrial Minerals and Metallic Minerals Production Survey
licence: Not Stated
Contribution to GDP, source: Maximising our Mineral Potential
licence: Not Stated

Exports Page

Goods and Service Exports, source: Imports and exports
licence: Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand

Companies Page

Included Companies, source: Technology Investment Network Rankings (TIN100)
licence: Not Stated
Company Revenue and Employees Figures sourced from public company reports. Estimates and Predictions, source: Here's how we catch Australia Catherine Beard
licence: Not Stated
Remaining Information, source: Wikipedia
licence: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


This visualisation is intended to be an overview of New Zealand's current economic situation. It is made by programmers, not economists, statisticians or experts in Dairy products. Models, and figures are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate, and/or incorrect. Towards transparency we have tried to document assumptions made in these models, to highlight possible inaccuracies presented.
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries support services divided into correct NZSIC industries.
New Zealand statistics linearly scaled to match OECD values.
GDP quarterly report mapped to NZSIC through merging or using Australian statistics.
We split the forestry and mining category in QES, and used Australian statistics for gaps, and educated guesses for remainder.
Tourism worker distribution from Tourism Satellite mapped to NZSIC through merging and evenly distributing "other" among remaining industries.
Accommodation information in Accommodation survey evenly divided among some Regions.
Dairy cattle number in the Agricultural census data for Gisborne and Nelson estimated.
Potential Dairy land value is non-region based, we assume homogeneous distribution.
Agricultural workers assumed to be dairy workers.
We used the largest potential Gas and Oil estimate for the Taranaki basin.
The Export and Service Export categories are not NZSIC, so it is impossible to calculate which industries produce the which exports! This is noted by . We used common sense to map industries to exports.
In services export confidential figures are estimated
Many relationships between values are assumed to be linear.