1. The Suggestion

We should invest in tourism, and get more tourists to come to New Zealand. This is the way to prosperity.

3. The Problem

The industries that have the most tourism workers are Accommodation and Food Services; Retail; Trade and Transport; Postal and Warehousing. By increasing the amount of tourists each year we will need to increase people in these industries significantly. As they are low wage and low GDP per capita industries, we will lose our prosperity.

Another impact is that our clean green image will decrease the more tourists arrive. Our DOC paths will be worn out, our roads will be full of camper vans, and our hotels will have no vacancies. We can measure the amount of room there is for tourists, the places tourists go and then calculate the amount of room New Zealand has left as an estimate of how green we are.

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Some interesting points to note:
By our calculations, if 64 million tourists visit New Zealand every worker will have to be in the tourism industry.

If a region turns black in our map, that means that there is no accommodation left for them to stay. Every extra tourist to that region will have to stay in your home!

The avg. amount of hours worked goes down with more tourists because workers are moving to lower hour per week and lower wage jobs, e.g. Retail.

We also modelled the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) caused by tourism and then compare it to other industries, like agriculture. This failed, as even when increasing our tourist estimates to 64 million, tourism's impact on greenhouse gas emissions is insignificant to that of agriculture's. This clearly shows that this argument to lower GHG by decreasing tourism won't work, and the way to lower New Zealand's emissions is through reducing agriculture.

4. The Impact

Prosperity: GDP Per Capita (Circle Area)
Avg. Working Week (Hours) vs. Avg. Annual Wage ($NZD)


2. How it Works

Use the slider below to increase the amount tourists that visit New Zealand annually.

Annual Tourists:

5. Regional Tourism Levels

Tourists/Avail. Accommodation

6. New Zealand Industries

Workers per Industry / Tourist Workers per Industry: